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Privacy Policy

What we collect From Clients of our Service <ol> <li>E-Mail</li> <li>Payment Information</li> <li>Clients who opt to use the optional control panel will receive a temporary cookie</li> </ol> From the Website and Email <ol> <li>Apache Webserver (see apache.org) logs to debug issues</li> <li>Any request on the contact page</li> <li>Any E-Mails we receive</li> </ol> Information Use <ol> <li>E-mail address is used to send subscription information, payment confirmations and private internet access promotional offers only</li> <li>Payment data is used to manage client signups, payments, and cancellations</li> <li>Contact submissions and E-Mails will be used for correspondence</li> <li>Temporary cookies are used to handle control panel logins (for example keep you logged in when you leave the website)</li> </ol> <p> <strong>We do not monitor or log any content of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels themselves! </strong> </p> <p> If you have any concerns or questions don't hesitate to contact us contact@ra4wvpn.com </p>

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