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Privacy Policy Wiimmfi consists of 2 components: This website and the service where Nintendo's game consoles <i>Wii</i> and <i>DS</i> can log in. Because the website and the service are closely linked and the website displays data about the service, there is a common privacy policy statement. Cookies and JavaScript This website uses cookies and JavaScript to store the preferences of visitors and to enable a good performance. Both are needed for interactive content. <p> The cookies are only so-called session cookies. This is needed to identify the visitors after changing a page or for new visits after timeouts. The data for the session is archived in a database. For guests, these sessions are automatically deleted after 20 days after the last visit, or earlier. The timeout for logged-in users is 100 days. Deleting the session invalidates the cookie and makes it unusable. </p> <p> If you do not want to use cookies or JavaScript, then you can make appropriate settings on your browser or avoid visiting this website. </p>Resources by third parties This website does not use any resources or cookies from other websites. This prevents tracking by third parties. User accounts of Wiimmfi <i>Wiimmfi</i> does not manage its own user accounts, but uses the user accounts of the Wii-Homebrew Forums. To log in, users must have a valid and active account there. Login name and password are then compared to the forum via a so-called bridge. This login is not tracked by the forum. <p> The only data transferred from the forum is the username. Further information is not necessary for the operation of Wiimmfi and will not be taken from the forum. </p> <p> The public will not see the usernames. Wiimmfi also provides no communication options for users among each other. Therefore, the forum is used for all communication, which also supports private messages. This communication channel should also be used when contacting the Wiimmfi team. </p>Miscellaneous No personal data is collected by this web site. The usual log files are only used in the case of security and regularly deleted with a time delay. A transfer of the data to third parties outside this security is excluded. <p> For statistic purposes, special log files are created containing only the time and web page and a few more statistical data. IP address, used browser or similar information about single visitors is not stored. </p>The Wiimmfi service Nintendo discontinued its online service <i>WFC</i> in May 2014. Wiimmfi has jumped in the breach and provides a replacement service for free. For this, the games must be patched to use the the new server. The data protocol had to be taken over unchanged with all its weaknesses. <p> When logging in to the Wiimmfi service, the console (Nintendo <i>Wii</i> or <i>DS</i>) provides data used to administer, ban, and display real-time statistics on the website. The storage and control of the data is necessary for the technical process of the Wiimmfi service. In particular, these data are used to improve Wiimmfi, as not all details of the protocol are known. </p> <p> The web page publicly displays the player names transmitted by the console. Therefore, no real name should be used. Usually, statistics about the games are available for up to 3 days. </p> <p> Automatic linking of game data and the user account is not technically possible. However, any logged-in user of the Wiimmfi website can manually link consoles to his account. The link is only visible to the logged in user and moderators. </p> <p> Data is collected for various statistics that go beyond years. Most of the statistics are published on the website while preserving the personal anonymity. The long-term statistics are only counters, e.g. the number of logins per period counts, but not the time of login. </p> <p> For continuous improvement of the service, at times and without notice, significant logs will be created on the data provided by the game console. These logs are activated and evaluated only when needed and depending on the game. After the final evaluation they will be deleted. </p> <p> <b>If you decline the described processing of the data of your console, then you must use another alternative service for Nintendo's WFC!</b> </p>Moderators and Bans Moderators have access to the game data for up to 4 weeks, to resolve conflicts with hindsight. They can ban consoles on different kinds. A ban can be temporary or permanent. Permanent bans are usually used on repeated offenses. For this, the data of each individual ban must be archived permanently. A note about accessing third-party servers Some games are programmed by the game makers that they access other servers managed by third parties. Without these third-party servers, the games would not work anymore or only partially work. Wiimmfi has no influence on the behavior of the games and also not on the operators of the third-party servers or their privacy policy. Agree this Privacy Policy

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