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gladiola Code Company Code Company <i> </i> <i> </i> <ul> <li> <i> </i> <i> </i> Programs </li> <li> <i> </i> <i> </i> Systems </li> <li> <i> </i> <i> </i> About&nbsp;Us </li> <i> </i> <i> </i> Contact&nbsp;Us </ul> Privacy Policy GDPR and CCPA Information What data is collected <p>We identify protected area system users by name, address, telephone number, and email address. This collection primarily occurs upon two points: the submission of a user-initiated message request from a user of the public website to our system, or upon establishing an account used to access a protected area of the system.</p> <p>Users not logged on to a protected area of the system, accessing public websites, are generally anonymonized. In those cases, both server-side and client-side session monitoring techniques are used to maintain and to operate the website.</p> <p>We collect basic usage data related to the website. This data includes: IP addresses, URLs requested, form data submitted, records of valid or invalid authentications, time and date of page requests, and similar technical data related to using and operating a website. </p>How data is being collected <p>Users submit data through online forms, email correspondence with administrators, and in-person meetings. Machines and programs operated by users submit data to our servers such as: IP addresses, user-agent strings, and other technical information about HTTPS and simliar communication transactions. Programs on our servers routinely write log entries, communicate with other programs, and report usage activities to our site administrators. The aggregate of data related to observations of communications like these may yield personally identifiable information as described under GDPR.</p> What we are doing with the data <p>We scrutinize the data to ensure that users are able to interact with authorized programs. We provide users with session control data such as cookies, nonce tokens, and the like. We retain records of what data items are provided to which user for security purposes. We analyze data collected about the operation of our systems to make determinations and to promote the security health of our systems.</p> How customers can control their data <p>We provide a point of contact to help customers at: webmaster[at] This email address is advertised on the site and in DNS records. Users who need help with this policy, resetting passwords or keys, or who want to close accounts, may contact us through that mechanism.</p> <p>Customers can interact with publicly available websites that do not require login without submitting any personal information of their own initiative. Users logging in and entering protected areas of the site will be presented with a terms-of-use banner outlining the increased security concerns and a general description of the expected constraints.</p> How we protect the data <p>Data in flight for websites is protected with TLS. This allows recipients a chance to recognize if a communications session has been compromised.</p> <p>Data at rest may be stored hashed or encrypted in accordance with accepted industry standards for best practices. Data at rest may be stored in a manner that is separate from the functioning server which applies or processes the data. Data at rest may be measured, inspected, recorded, or stored in a way that promotes its security.</p> <p>Physical storage media is encrypted to safeguard against loss, theft, or unauthorized use.</p> <p>Data retained is assessed as a security liability. Data deemed not worthy of continued risk may be destroyed. Data may be archived in offline and off-site configurations.</p> <p>Additional defensive measures are implemented as needed in accordance with our internal procedures and determinations.</p> EU: GDPR <p>We use first-party session cookies which are necessary for the technical operation of the website. We do use these cookies to monitor public activity on our website, such as what pages or features were visited. We do not employ third-party tracking cookies on the website.</p> <p>Data, such as cookies or nonce tokens, that is sent to a user's computer has a limited time of validity. The purpose of this data is to provide client-side convenience and to facilitate fundamental security measures used with stateless protocols such as HTTPS. We do not employ persistent tracking cookies on the website.</p> <p>We may track and record IP addresses and other technical data of users who participate in sustained abuse of our systems. We will retain that information for a limited amount of time for the purpose of protecting systems.</p> How customers can control their client-side data <p>Public website users are presented with a cookie notification banner upon arrival at our splash page. We document and store information about the acceptance or denial of these notices. Users who choose not to accept cookies at all may do so. Refusal to accept certain client side data, particularly data elements used to secure certain functions, may result in a limited experience for the user. Protected system web programs are covered under a different terms of use, which is presented in summary banner form with each login.</p> California, USA: CCPA <p>We address these three main ideas in the following ways:</p> <ul> <li>The Right to Know: This policy advises of our policy positions on data collection and privacy.</li> <li>The Right to Delete: We do not collect personal information except through additional agreements, as outlined above. We do not retain data that would need to be deleted upon request under CCPA.</li> <li>The Right to Opt Out: Since our company does not collect data on users for sale to other companies, all of our users Opt Out by default.</li> </ul> If you have questions <p>Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy. We want to provide our users and our clients with the best experience possible. Safeguarding your information is an important part of what we do every day.</p> Privacy Notice: We use first-party session cookies and other data elements which are necessary for the technical operation of the website. OK No Return to Cover × gladiola&nbsp. gladiola&nbsp. gladiola&nbsp. gladiola&nbsp. gladiola Code Company · Chattanooga, Tennessee gladiola Code Company<br> Chattanooga, Tennessee <small> gladiola Code Company © 2020-2021 </small> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> Programs <ul> <li>AppSec Solutions</li> <li>Programming Success</li> </ul> Systems <ul> <li>Customer Engagement</li> <li>Sales Features</li> <li>Systems Design &amp. Support</li> </ul> About&nbsp;Us <ul> <li>Social Media</li> <li>Locations</li> <li>Contact Us</li> <li>Privacy Policy</li> <li>Cover</li> </ul>

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