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Comments Policy <i> </i> I<em>A</em> Comments Policy <p>Comments are moderated and may be removed if they:</p> <ol> <li>are untrue, contain untruths, or contain allegedly factual&nbsp;claims that are unsourced and/or unreferenced;</li> <li>are off-topic, which includes any comment which reflects on moderation;</li> <li>are inflammatory, or contain&nbsp;threats or personal attacks;</li> <li>contain explicit, profane&nbsp;or violent language;</li> <li>are prima facie defamatory, or contain potentially prejudicial references to ongoing legal cases;</li> <li>contain personal information;</li> <li>contain links to unrelated, non-credible, violent, hatemongering and/or explicit websites;</li> <li>merely contain a link, or links, without any accompanying explanatory text;</li> <li>are longer than the article itself. or</li> <li>are spam — such as where one person or a small group&nbsp;dominates the comments so as to&nbsp;drown out other voices, or attempts to close down debate.</li> </ol> <p>Comments will not be edited to remove any of the above.</p> <p>Any comments that are seen to break any of these rules may be flagged by the reader, which will send the comment back to moderation.</p> <p>Moderation is done in as fair a way as possible, though by definition it is subjective and at the discretion of the moderators and the publication.</p> <p> <em>No correspondence on moderation will be entered into.</em> </p>

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