Security Policy

TinEye Security <p>Last updated: May 2018</p> <p> <strong>This document outlines some (but not all) of the ways we secure data sent to us.</strong> </p> <p>Our clients image data and meta-data is stored only on equipment TinEye owns and controls. <br>TinEye does <strong>not</strong> store client image data or meta-data on 3rd party cloud services.</p> <p>TinEye manages two data centers, both in Toronto, Canada. One within our headquarters, the second is an off-site dedicated data center. All storage and processing of client data is done in these two data centers.</p> <p>Our data centers are physically secure and are only accessible by TinEye staff.</p> <p>Client data is kept in separate user accounts to prevent corruption or overlap.</p> <p>All API calls and user account pages are encrypted using TLS.</p> <p>All account passwords are hashed. We do not know what your passwords are.</p> <p>All employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that requires them to treat client data as confidential.</p> <p>All data storage media (hard drives and solid-state drives) is securely wiped of data or physically destroyed at end of life.</p>

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