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CryptPad<i> </i>BlogPricingAboutDocumentationLog inSign upCryptPad Privacy PolicyWhat we know about you<p>As an application that is hosted on the web, CryptPad has access to metadata exposed by the HTTP protocol. This includes your IP address, and various other HTTP headers that can be used to identify your particular browser. You can see what information your browser is sharing by visiting</p>How we use what we learn<p>We use this information to make better decisions about promoting CryptPad, by evaluating which of our past efforts were successful. Information about your location lets us know whether we should consider providing better support for languages other than English.</p> <p>Information about your browser (whether it's a desktop or mobile operating system) helps us make decisions when prioritizing feature improvements. Our development team is small, and we try to make choices that will improve as many users' experience as possible.</p>What we tell others about you<p>We do not furnish to third parties the information that we gather or that you provide to us unless we are legally required to do so.</p>Links to other sites<p>This site contains links to other sites, including those produced by other organizations. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of any outside sites. As a general rule, links to outside sites are launched in a new browser window, to make clear that you are leaving</p>Advertisement<p>We do not display any online advertising, though we may link to the bodies which are financing our research.</p>Choices you have<p>Our code is open source, so you always have the option of hosting your own instance of CryptPad.</p> <p>If you want to use our hosted instance, but don't want to expose your IP address, you can protect your IP using the Tor browser bundle, or a VPN.</p>CryptPad<ul> <li>Product</li> <li>What is CryptPad</li> <li>Documentation</li> <li>Pricing</li> <li>GitHub</li> <li>Donate</li> </ul> <ul> <li>About us</li> <li>Contact</li> <li>Contributors</li> <li>XWiki SAS</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Legal</li> <li>Terms of Service</li> <li>Privacy Policy</li> <li> </li> </ul>CatalàDeutschΕλληνικάEnglishEspañolSuomiFrançaisItalianoNorwegian BokmålPortuguês do BrasilRomânăРусский繁體中文CryptPad v4.0.0

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