Blackboard Privacy Statement

Summary <p>This summary highlights the key points of our Privacy Statement. You can find details on each point by clicking on the links.</p> <ul> <li>We care about your privacy and have a dedicated data privacy program. We do not and will not sell or rent your data unless this is required in the context of a change in our business structure. Learn more about our approach to data privacy.</li> <li>This Statement applies to our Blackboard websites as well as to the products and services mentioned in Users of services that we directly provide to individuals. For all other products and services, your institution’s privacy statement governs. Learn more about how we use personal information.</li> <li>We share personal information with vendors that help provide our products and services. We also share personal information with partners and other third parties in certain circumstances. Learn more about how we share personal information.</li> <li>We conduct marketing to promote our products and services. This marketing is aimed at staff of our current and potential clients and partners. We do not use or disclose student information for behavioral targeting of advertisements to students. Learn more about our marketing.</li> <li>We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13 without consent. Learn more about how we use children’s personal information.</li> <li>We employ a variety of physical, technological and administrative security safeguards designed to protect personal information. Learn more about our security safeguards.</li> <li>We may transfer your information to locations outside of your country. Learn more about data transfers and country-specific privacy information.</li> <li>You can contact us at if you want to exercise your privacy rights, have a complaint, or want to ask a question. Learn more about your rights and how you can contact us.</li> </ul> <p>Additional privacy statements are available in our Privacy Center. For example:</p> <ul> <li>The <strong>Cookie Statement</strong> explains our use of cookies.</li> <li>The <strong>Privacy Shield Statement</strong> provides information on our EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification.</li> <li>The <strong>California Privacy Notice</strong> provides information for California consumers that use our products and services when we are acting as a business.</li> <li>The <strong>Web Community Manager Privacy Statement</strong> is the specific privacy statement for our Web Community Manager product.</li> </ul> <p> <em>This Statement was last updated on December&nbsp;11, 2020. – What’s New?</em> </p> Introduction <p> <strong>We care about privacy.</strong> We believe that privacy is a fundamental right for all individuals. Our clients entrust us with the personal information of their employees and their users, who are often students. We take the obligations that are attached to this information very seriously. We therefore have a dedicated data privacy program with privacy by design at heart. You can learn more about our data privacy program by visiting our Privacy Center.</p> <p>Our business model is different from that of companies that collect your personal information to monetize such data. We collect and use personal information to allow us to provide our products and services to our clients and end users. In most cases, we do this at the direction of our clients. We do not and will not sell or rent your data to third parties unless this is required in the context of changes to our business structure such as a merger or acquisition. See Vendors, partners &amp. other types of disclosures for more details on how we may disclose personal information in the context of changes to our business structure.</p> <p>We are a proud signatory of the Privacy Pledge 2020, and a member of the Future of Privacy Forum.</p>

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