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<ul> <li>Features</li> <li>How</li> <li>Sign in</li> <li>Join</li> </ul> You and us, legally. <p>Privacy is a core value of Soverin. We want to process as little of your personal data as possible, at all times. This is a continuing effort.</p> <p>We have done our best to make these legal documents easy to understand, so you get a good understanding of what we offer, what you can expect from Soverin and what we expect from you. That’s what it’s legally all about.</p> <p>The ‘privacy statement’ describes the personal data Soverin processes while providing you with our service. If you use our service, you agree with the underlying privacy statement.</p> <p>The ‘terms of use’ state how we conduct business and are published on this page to make sure we know what to expect from each other.</p> <p>However, if you still have questions regarding our service after reading these terms, please don’t hesitate to contact us.</p> <ul> <li>terms of use </li> <li>privacy statement </li> <li>data processing addendum</li> </ul> <p>Download</p> <p>To make sure we know what to expect from each other, Soverin has written down the conditions for use of the Service. These Terms of Use (‘Terms’) govern the relationship between Soverin B.V, situated at the Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and provider of this Service (‘We’,’Us’,’Soverin’) and You, the user of our Service (‘You’, ‘Your’). These Terms are a binding legal document, so we recommend You read this document carefully and save a copy for later reference. You agree to be bound by these Terms when using the Service.</p> <p> </p> <p>We have done our best to make these Terms easy to understand, so You get a good understanding of what We offer, what you can expect from Soverin and what we expect from You. However, if you still have questions regarding our Service after reading these Terms, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information at the end of these Terms.</p> Summary <p>We are Soverin, nice to meet you! Below you can find information about the use of our service, so we advise you to read it carefully.</p> <p>Soverin offers you a lot. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!</p> <p>Please don’t use our service for bad things (you know what they are. those things you wouldn’t tell your mother about). Be nice and we’ll get along just fine.</p> <p>Go to to create your email account. We want everyone to enjoy our service, however, if you don’t play by the rules, we can suspend or delete your account.</p> <p>You can use our service for as little as €39,00 a year. Don’t worry about us getting our hands on your payment information. All payments will be handled by payment provider Mollie ( However, failing to pay will make us unable to provide you with our service. Of course you can always cancel your account yourself, through the use of your dashboard. Gone is gone though, so be careful when you consider deleting your account.</p> <p>We’ll do everything to make your email experience as smooth as possible. Promise. However, we can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. Use our service at your own risk. This also means you’re responsible for your own email. If you delete it, it’s gone. We most likely won’t be able to get it back.</p> <p>As much as we like you, Soverin won’t be liable for anything you do while using our service. Since we are Dutchies ourselves, Dutch law is applicable. You’ll have to come over to the Netherlands, should you want to sue us. Then again, we’re all nice people, so why would you?</p> <p>In case we’re changing these terms, we’ll send you an email about it and post it on our site.</p> <p>Don’t like our terms? Don’t use our service. Although we would be sad to see you go.</p> <p>If you’d like to chat about these terms or anything Soverin-related in general, contact us! Also, good job on getting through this document, we know legal stuff is boring. We hope you’ll enjoy our service!</p> The Service <p>Soverin offers an ad-free email service (‘Service’). The Service will be made available to You by registering with the Service via To use our Service, we ask You to provide us with login-credentials and Your phone-number as verification. Our Service is designed to maximize Your privacy and keep You in control of Your personal data. For a full overview of the features included in the Service, please visit</p> <p>Soverin can use third parties to offer certain features. For example, Soverin offers personalized domain names. In order to offer this feature, Soverin registers the domain You wish to use (if available) with a Dutch third party domain name provider.</p> Use of the Service <p>Soverin treats all emails between You and Your designated recipients confidentially. Soverin does not check, open or view the contents of Your emails, including attachments. Soverin does not allow, and You guarantee and accept that You do not:</p> <ol> <li>give your log-in credentials to anyone else. You agree to keep your log-in credentials safe and to yourself. If you suspect that an unauthorized person gained access to your Account, please contact us without delay by sending an email to</li> <li>Impersonate or pretend affiliation with any person or entity;</li> <li>try to access any non-public area’s of the Service;</li> <li>send or otherwise distribute viruses, worms, malware, junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing mails, unsolicited promotions or advertisements of any kind and for any purpose. </li> <li>attempt to probe, scan, comprise or test the vulnerability of the Service or any related system or network or breach any security or authentication. </li> </ol> <p>These requirements are not limited to the use of the Soverin email Service, but also extend to the domain registered by Soverin, which is made available for Your use. Although Soverin does not actively investigate whether you adhere to these conditions due to the private nature of our Service, Soverin can conclude that you have violated these Terms after receiving relevant information or signals from others.</p> Account <p>To use our Service, You are required to register for an Account via (‘Account’). To register for an Account, we ask you to create log-in credentials and provide us with Your phone-number for verification purposes. Any personal data Soverin requires to provide you with an Account will be processed in line with our privacy statement</p> <p>Soverin reserves the right to, without warning, block access of and/or remove any Accounts from the Service, which can result in loss of email and/or attachments or inaccessibility of domains, when Soverin finds that You violate these Terms.</p> Subscription and payment intermediary <p>The subscription fee for the Service is €39,00 a year, including VAT. To make sure we use as little of your personal data as possible, we use trusted payment provider Mollie (, which supports credit cards, iDeal and others. It is Your responsibility to have sufficient balance to enable the subscription fee to be charged. In the event that the subscription fee cannot be collected, for any reason whatsoever, Your Account will be suspended. Soverin will send multiple reminders to both your email address and phone-number, the first one being sent one month before renewing the subscription is due. Soverin will delete Your Account 30 days after the renewal of the subscription was due.</p> <p>Meanwhile, You can terminate Your Account at any time by deleting your Account in your dashboard, without any right to reimbursement of (part of) the subscription fee. Soverin will ask you to verify your request to terminate your Account. Upon final termination, Your Account, including your emails and all other data therein, are directly, automatically and permanently deleted.</p> Disclaimer <p>We do our best to offer You the Service. However, Soverin offers the Service ‘as-is’, without warranty of any kind. Without limiting the foregoing, Soverin explicitly disclaims any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Soverin makes no warranty that the Service is available on an uninterrupted, secure or error-free basis. Your use of the Service is at Your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that Soverin is not responsible for any damages to Your computer system or the computer system of any third party that results from the use of the Service. You are in control and responsible for Your email, meaning that once You remove an email from Your account, Soverin can not restore the email for You.</p> <p>Soverin has no knowledge of the contents of the emails stored on its servers. Soverin claims no ownership, intellectual property rights or other rights whatsoever with regards to the data you send, store or otherwhise make available through your Account.</p> Indemnity and Liability <p>You accept that You are liable and will hold harmless Soverin for any and all incidents, procedures and/or claims arising in relation to the emails transferred through, or stored within the Service, and/or submitted through Your Account. You will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Soverin, including its employees and affiliates, from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising out of or in any way connected with Your access to or use of the Service or Your violation of these Terms, including any third party claims that emails submitted to the Service through Your Account infringe or violate any third party rights. However, this limitation of liability does not intend to exclude the liability of Soverin for the intentional and/or deliberate recklessness of Soverin themselves ("their own acts") and or the management of Soverin.</p> <p>In no event will Soverin be liable to You or to any third party for any damages arising out of use of the Service, whether based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory and whether or not Soverin has been informed of the possibility of such damage, even if any limited remedy is found to have failed its essential purpose. Soverin will not accept any liability for damage as a result of an attributable failure in the performance of the agreement to provide the Service or pursuant to an unlawful act or whatever other reason, including, but not limited to any incidental, special, consequential damage resulting from or in connection with the use of the Service and/or the impossibility of using it insofar as this is allowed under mandatory law. In the event Soverin is liable for damage under mandatory law, Soverin’s aggregate liability to You for any and all claims arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service will in no event exceed one hundred euro (€100) per incident.</p> Applicable Law and Jurisdiction <p>All rights and obligations arising out of or in connection to these Terms are construed, governed, interpreted and enforced according to the laws of the Netherlands. The exclusive jurisdiction and venue of any action with respect to any subject matter relating to these Terms will be the court’s located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, unless stipulated otherwise by mandatory Dutch or international laws. You waive any objection to jurisdiction and venue in the courts of the Netherlands.</p> Revisions to the Terms <p>Note that Soverin may revise these Terms from time to time. Each revised version shall be dated and posted on our site. Additionally, Soverin will inform You by sending an email in advance of the changes becoming active. Soverin recommends that You review this website from time to time and take note of any changes. If You do not agree with the Terms, including the privacy statement You should not or no longer access or otherwise use the Service. By continuing to use the Service you accept any changes made to the Terms, including the Privacy Statement</p> Questions? <p>For questions about these Terms, please contact Soverin at</p> <p>Download</p> <p>Privacy is a core value of Soverin. We want to process as little of your personal data as possible, at all times. This privacy statement describes the personal data Soverin processes while providing you with our service. If you use our service, you agree with the underlying privacy statement.</p> <p> </p> Summary <p>We are Soverin. Good to see you’re interested in our privacy statement.</p> <p>We will only use your data to offer you the best and most secure email experience.</p> <p>We’ll only collect that data that is absolutely necessary for our service to run. As a matter of fact, the less we know about you, the better.</p> <p>We know you don’t like cookies (we don’t either), therefore we only place one so you stay signed in during a visit. It’ll disappear as soon as you close your browser.</p> <p>We’ll never share your data with others, unless we have to by law.</p> <p>You control your data, so it’s up to you if you want to change it.</p> <p>Your email and email account exist as long as you don’t delete them. However, gone is gone. So be careful.</p> <p>Soverin invests a lot of time in creating a safe and secure platform. No one can guarantee 100% security, but we do our best!</p> <p>Should we change anything in this policy, we’ll notify you immediately.</p> <p>Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, should you have any questions left (Preferably not in the middle of the night though, we do need our sleep).</p> 1. Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data? <p>We are Soverin B.V. based at Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 61552275. You can reach us through</p> 2. What do we use your data for? <p>We at Soverin regard your privacy as one of our core values. Therefore, we process as little of your personal data as possible. The data you supply us with will be exclusively used for:</p> <ol> <li>Creating and administrating your account;</li> <li>Verifying your account with your mobile phone. Should you lose your password, a verification code will be sent to your telephone as a text message. This code can then be used to verify your identity. </li> <li>Sending a single introductory email to your new email address after you create your account. </li> <li>Sending you our newsletter (if you signed up for it) and sending informational notifications in case we update our service. </li> <li>Sending payment reminders for renewal of your subscription.</li> </ol> 3. What personal data does Soverin process? <ol> </ol> <strong>Mandatory data (this data is necessary in order to provide you with our service)</strong> <li>In order to provide the aforementioned services and to provide you with a Soverin account, we need your phone number. </li> <li>Once we have your phone number you get to choose your own email address. Depending on the email address you choose, this could be considered personal data. </li> <li>Soverin provides you with an email service. Therefore we manage your email. However, under no circumstances will we ever look into the content of your emails. </li> <strong>Optional data</strong> <li>Soverin can supply you with a domain name, linked to your email address. Soverin will administer this domain name for you. Depending on the domain name you choose, this can be considered personal data, for example if you choose a domain name that consists of your name (should you wish to register a domain name with your own name in it). </li> 3. Which cookies do we place? <p>The only cookies we place on your computer are so-called session cookies. These serve to remember your session whenever you log in. These cookies are automatically erased whenever you close your browser.</p> <p>Additionally, Soverin offers a technical cookie that remembers your login credentials after you have logged off. You accept these cookies by ticking the ‘remember me’ box in your browser. The cookie can be removed by clicking ‘sign out’ on the Soverin website.</p> 4. Sharing your data with third parties <p>Soverin will never share your data with third parties, unless we are obligated to do so by law. Since Soverin is a Dutch company, we will only comply with requests from Dutch authorities and only if such a request complies with all the requirements set by law.</p> 5. Your rights <p>With Soverin you are in control of your personal data at all times. The dashboard offers an overview of your personal data. From your dashboard you can change your information or, if you desire, delete your account. If you have any other questions concerning the processing of your personal data, feel free to contact us through</p> 6. Data storage <p>We will store your email for as long as you store it yourself. When you delete email it will be placed in the trash. If you empty the trash your email will be permanently deleted from our servers.</p> <p>The backups of our servers do contain copies of your email. However, these backups are encrypted with your personally generated key, granting you exclusive access. This key will be erased when you delete your account so no one will be able to access your backup. Deleting your account effectively erases all your data from our servers. This way you have full control of your data at all times.</p> 7. Security <p>The security of your data is extremely important to Soverin. Therefore, we took extensive measures to prevent theft, loss or any other abuse of your data. We encrypt all data connections from and to our email servers. Additionally, we use a so-called ‘supercode’, which will be sent to you when you sign up for our service. This supercode can be used in case you forget your password and don’t have access to the phone you used when you signed up for Soverin. The supercode will enable you to sign in and subsequently alter your password and telephone number.</p> 8. Alterations <p>This privacy statement was drafted in December 2014. Should Soverin alter the way she processes your data, Soverin will change this policy and you will be notified by email.</p> 9. Questions? <p>Should you have any questions after reading this privacy policy, feel free to contact us</p> <p>Download</p> <p>This Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") forms part of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement available at&nbsp.;or such other location as the Terms of Use may be posted from time to time (as applicable, the "Agreement"), entered into by and between the Customer and Soverin B.V. ("Soverin"), pursuant to which Customer has accessed Soverin’s Application Services as defined in the applicable Agreement. The purpose of this DPA is to reflect the parties’ agreement with regard to the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of Data Protection Legislation as defined below.</p> <p>In the course of providing the Application Services to the Customer, Soverin may process personal data on behalf of the Customer. Soverin agrees to comply with the following provisions with respect to any personal data submitted by or for the Customer to the Application Services or collected and processed by or for the Customer through the Application Services. Any capitalized but undefined terms herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.</p> Data Processing Terms <p>In this DPA, "Data Protection Legislation" means European Directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC (as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC) and any legislation and/or regulation implementing or made pursuant to them, or which amends, replaces, re-enacts or consolidates any of them (including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/279)), and all other applicable laws relating to processing of personal data and privacy that may exist in any relevant jurisdiction.</p> <p>"data controller", "data processor", "data subject", "personal data", "processing", and "appropriate technical and organisational measures" shall be interpreted in accordance with applicable Data Protection Legislation;</p> <p>The parties agree that the Customer is the data controller and that Soverin is its data processor in relation to personal data that is processed in the course of providing the Application Services. Customer shall comply at all times with Data Protection Legislation in respect of all personal data it provided to Soverin pursuant to the Agreement.</p> <p>The subject-matter of the data processing covered by this DPA is the Application Services ordered by Customer either through Soverin's website and provided by Soverin to the Customer via the Soverin platform on&nbsp;, or any other domain(s) as provided by the Customer. The processing will be carried out until the term of Customer’s ordering of the Application Services ceases. Further details of the data processing are set out in Annex 1 hereto.</p> <p>In respect of personal data processed in the course of providing the Application Services, Soverin:</p> <ol> <li>shall process the personal data only in accordance with the documented instructions from Customer (as set out in this DPA or the Agreement or as otherwise notified by the Customer to Soverin&nbsp;(from time to time) if Soverin&nbsp;is required to process the personal data for any other purpose provided by applicable law to which it is subject, Soverin&nbsp;will inform the Customer of such requirement prior to the processing unless that law prohibits this on important grounds of public interest. </li> <li>shall notify the Customer without undue delay if, in Soverin’s opinion, an instruction for the processing of personal data given by the Customer infringes applicable Data Protection Legislation. </li> <li>shall implement and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures designed to protect the personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, damage, theft, alteration or disclosure. These measures shall be appropriate to the harm which might result from any unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction, damage or theft of the personal data and having regard to the nature of the personal data which is to be protected. </li> <li>may hire other companies to provide limited services on its behalf, provided that Soverin complies with the provisions of this Clause. Any such subcontractors will be permitted to process personal data only to deliver the services Soverin has retained them to provide, and they shall be prohibited from using personal data for any other purpose. Soverin remains responsible for its subcontractors’ compliance with the obligations of this DPA. </li> <li>shall ensure that all Soverin personnel required to access the personal data are informed of the confidential nature of the personal data and comply with the obligations sets out in this Clause. </li> <li>shall take reasonable steps at the Customer’s request and cost to assist Customer in meeting Customer’s obligations taking into account the nature of the processing under this DPA, provided that Soverin reserves the right to reimbursement from Customer for the reasonable cost of any time, expenditures or fees incurred in connection with such assistance. </li> <li>at the end of the applicable term of the Application Services, upon Customer’s request, shall securely destroy or return such personal data to Customer. </li> </ol> Details of the Data Processing <p>Soverin shall process information to provide the Application Services pursuant to the Agreement. Soverin shall process information sent by the Customer identified through the Customer’s use of the Application Services. As an example, in a standard programmatic implementation, to utilize the Application Services, Customer may allow the following information to be sent by default as "default properties:"</p> Types of Personal Data <ul> <li> phone number </li> <li> address </li> <li> name (optional) </li> </ul> Take control<br> of your inbox<br> for € 3,<small>25 / month</small> <ul> <li>Unlimited Messages</li> <li>25 GB Storage</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Personal domain</li> <li>Personal webpage</li> </ul> sign me up Information <ul> <li>About</li> <li>Manifest</li> <li>Privacy</li> <li>Status</li> <li>Warrant canary</li> </ul> Connect <ul> <li>Support</li> <li>Twitter</li> <li>LinkedIn</li> <li> <p>&nbsp;</p> </li> </ul> Language <ul> <li> &nbsp. English</li> <li> &nbsp. Nederlands</li> </ul>

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