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<ul> </ul> Search Cookies &amp. Other Tracking Technologies <p>CBS, service providers working on our behalf, and businesses who collect information on our pages, may automatically receive certain information associated with you and/or your device(s) as part of your use of the CBS Services through browser or device-based tracking technologies such as cookies, pixels, tags, beacons, scripts, or other technology.</p> <p>A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website. Tracking pixels (sometimes referred to as web beacons or clear GIFs) are tiny electronic tags with a unique identifier that are sometimes embedded in websites, online ads and/or email, and that are designed to provide usage information like ad impressions (how many times an ad is viewed) or clicks, to measure popularity of the Services and associated advertising, and to access information from user cookies.</p> <p>The information we collect through online tracking technologies includes:</p> <p> <strong>Information about how you access the CBS Services:</strong> When you use CBS Services, we automatically collect or receive some information about how you access the CBS Services, including the device type, operating system, and browser you use, and how fast or stable your internet connection is. The information we receive depends on the device you are using and which CBS Services you access.</p> <p> <strong>Information about your activity on the CBS Services:</strong> Information about your interactions with audio and video content, such as the type of content viewed or listened to (including music applications such as iTunes, Spotify and the content viewed, and information about your interactions with email messages we send you, such as which links you click on, and whether the messages were opened or forwarded.</p> <p> <strong>Unique Identifiers:</strong> IP addresses associated with the devices you use to access the CBS Services, Advertising IDs, Cookie IDs, and other unique identifiers.</p> <p>The information accessed through cookies and other tracking technologies is used along with the other information we collect for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policies of the respective brands listed below, namely: Remembering your settings and choices and providing you with a customized experience on the CBS Services. Monitoring, analyzing, and improving the operation, delivery, performance and usability of the CBS Services. and Providing you with personalized ads based on your activity on the CBS Services and on other sites and services not operated by CBS or its affiliates.</p> MANAGE COOKIES AND OTHER TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES ON YOUR DEVICES <p>Many devices and browsers give you the option to manage and/or disable cookies and other online tracking technologies. We’ve compiled directions for some commonly used browsers and devices where the CBS Services are made available.</p> <p>Please note that all devices and browsers are different. The methods described below may change at any time. We encourage you to always refer to the relevant instructions for your particular device or browser</p> WEB BROWSERS Disabling Cookies* <p>*Your opt-out choice is often stored in a cookie. Blocking cookies may prevent the CBS Services from operating as expected and may also prevent your consent choices from being stored. That may mean that if you opt-out, then block cookies, we may not know about, or be able to honor, your opt-out. You should also be aware that blocking cookies on your computer will not affect your consent choices on a different device, such as a mobile device.</p> Browser Name Instructions Source Google Chrome <ol> <li>At the top right, click “⋮” icon, and then Settings.</li> <li>At the bottom, click Advanced.</li> <li>Under “Privacy and security”, click Site settings and then Cookies.</li> <li>Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data on or off.</li> </ol>;hl=en-GB Apple Safari On Mac: <ul> <li>Safari &gt. Preferences, click “Privacy”</li> </ul> On iOS: <ul> <li>Settings &gt. Safari, then turn on “Block All Cookies”</li> </ul> Mozilla Firefox <ol> <li>Click the menu button “☰” and select “Preferences”.</li> <li>Select the “Privacy &amp. Security” panel and go to the “Cookies and Site Data” section.</li> </ol> Microsoft Edge <ol> <li>More button “⋯” &gt. Settings.</li> <li>Select “View Advanced Settings”.</li> <li>Under “Privacy and Services” &gt. “Cookies”</li> </ol> Other Options for Disabling Online Tracking <p>Blocking cookies in your web browser may not prevent cross-site tracking of your online activity using other online tracking technologies. In addition to managing your cookie settings for your browser, you can opt-out of tracking directly with the businesses that operate the tracking technologies.</p> <p>To Disable Use of Tracking by other businesses for Third Party Personalized Advertising, see the instructions and options provided in</p> <p>To opt-out of certain analytic tracking by our partners visit the links below:</p> Partner URL Google Analytics Adobe Omniture ComScore Nielsen;nav=1#Optoutchoices ConfirmIT <strong>Terms of Use</strong> <br> Privacy Topics <ul> <li> <strong>Privacy Policy</strong> </li> <li>Cookies &amp. Other Online Tracking Technologies</li> <li>CBS Television Stations and FCC Requirements</li> <li>Children’s Privacy Policy</li> <li>Information for Visitors from California</li> <li>Information for Visitors from Australia</li> <li>Information for Visitors from Canada</li> <li>Information for Visitors from the European Union (EU)</li> <li>Information for Visitors using</li> <li>Personalized Advertising</li> <li>Video Services Policy</li> </ul> <strong>Privacy Policies</strong> <br> CBS Companies<br> Pop TV<br> Showtime<br> Simon &amp. Schuster<br> Smithsonian Channel <p>©2020 ViacomCBS - All rights reserved.</p>

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