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Cannabis Search RedefinedSAFE / SIMPLE / SECURE <i> </i> To align with States Laws on cannabis you need to be at least 21 years old, or a valid medical marijuana patient to continue. 420A3 Uses Cookies to verify you have agreed to these terms, and enhance your experience on this site. By clicking "Yes" you agree to these terms. Yes No Cookies, more info... <ul> <li>Terms of Service</li> <li>Privacy Policy</li> <li>Cookie Policy</li> <li>Data Security</li> </ul> <br> <br> SEARCH SAFELY SEARCH, NO TRACKING, NO DATA SHARING... LEARN MORE... �PNG IHDR������tEXtSoftwareAdobe ImageReadyq�e&lt;�IDATx�������@կ&amp;�g@/�����;{�Wc�����Y�e;����U%jxV!|VF�H&gt;M9m�i���*�t}��� �n;���}]B�����`"aJJ�o|�� \Z����2#M!��F�m����:#���r�q�!�"dkKR&amp;�Rt;�J"\]!:���v�Y4K e���� ���-�D�#4�]P�\Ԧ���S&gt;@_1c�����=eޛ�+��4~_��i���������n/��*sI�~��nt� \P��nH���ws!"U�}��G�~k!�����8)\h��F�\(K��7u[j#\/:J"���ߟѧ]�f*l�P8�h� �C��^�Q�p���ު��U��M����H;c�#JH)G�X{OYs�-U���Ȅ2�Q�p���]�P&gt;Bj'ub�wzMt ) ��+:JH)=+��`-�sd:ZuR�l"¹أ .%�(��������_Y�-&amp;x}VT�KI3:����Ғvu;N,� i��E���������)F��n���tD8��l�|&lt;ߒ� �W!�eT���H�m�B��W[�S��l�����d)�f��aXـtPKh[odHZzO���S�s��҇vU�vK=�(k%�eJ)D�*P8[ �Q&lt;G�@�!\و�`�x�}���r�E̝%��wiI�w��A8)�蔉. ���r*G4�UZ�9P.4��8��l��Y���� ���8������F6BJ�+\w����Ӳ_�G��� ��I呮 \od�)y*�oZ�j#I�}J� ���)����V~ӌ$�i?��1��THi�s���J��ϊ�� JsΚ�Dw��&lt;� 6����@��YPy���=�C��&amp;�LuB�*!5e��EW���������.�]XG�������C�n0[KE��&gt;�F�!�����I 8�f�K��ÛpL�|!� ��&amp;��,#�o.9KGdiVX���G��O5�W�+�����z�*����������?mkL���G�����O�g�����=��W�&gt. 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This means any information (password, email, ratings, comments,...) is private, and encrypted when posted to our servers.</p> <p>For added safety and security, 420A3.Com has taken the extra expense and added steps to secure the Highest rated SSL Certificate.</p> <p>Extended Validation Greenbar SSL.</p> <ul> <li>Ownership of the domain must be verified</li> <li>Legal Records, including legal name, registration number, address, phone number, and any other assumed business names</li> <li>Proof of physical business address for the business that owns the domain</li> <li>Additional information depending on your registrar and circumstance</li> </ul> <br> <p> </p> <p> </p>&nbsp. <p> </p> </li> <li> <strong>CREDIT CARD DATA</strong> We NEVER store Credit Card data period. </li> <li> <strong>BUSINESS DATA</strong> By default we only publish Business Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip in any of our online content. 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