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Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Policies

Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) Policies <p> </p> &nbsp. <p>Each country code TLD (ccTLD) is operated by an independent Registry that sets policies to govern the registration and use of that particular ccTLD. Consequently, each ccTLD is governed by a unique set of policies.</p> <p>Please see Exhibit A of our Registration Agreement for the full terms and conditions to which Registrants are bound. The Registrant is responsible for monitoring the Registry’s site on a regular basis. If you do not wish to be bound by a revision or modification to any Registry policy, your sole remedy is to cancel your domain name registration. The cancellation process differs between Registries. You may contact your Domain Provider [link to FYDP page] or refer to the appropriate Registry page to determine the cancellation procedure for your ccTLD name.</p> <p>Select a ccTLD to view the Registry policy page:</p> <p>.AU</p> <p>.AT</p> <p>.BE</p> <p>.BR</p> <p>.CA (CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy,&nbsp;Registrant Agreement) </p> <p>.CC</p> <p>.CO</p> <p>.CN</p> <p>.DE (Domain Terms and Conditions, Domain guidelines) &nbsp;</p> <p>.DK</p> <p>.ES</p> <p>.EU</p> <p>.FR</p> <p>.IO</p> <p>.IT (Assignment and management of domain names in the ccTLD .it, Additional Policies ) </p> <p>.IN</p> <p>.ME</p> <p>.MX </p> <p>.NL (General Terms and Conditions, Dispute Resolution Regulations for .NL Domain Names) &nbsp;</p> <p>.NZ</p> <p>.PL</p> <p>.TV</p> <p>.UK</p> <p>.US &nbsp;</p> <p>.ZA</p>

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