Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy <p> <em> <strong>WORK IN PROGRESS, gonna replace previous one.</strong> </em> </p> <p>The Trustroots Foundation (“<em>Trustroots</em>”) is a non for profit organization with the aim of facilitating peoples’ willingness to help one another. Data collected will not be used for any purposes which are not necessary for operating the network. Monetization of data is not accepted in the Trustroots by laws.</p> <p>In order to be fully transparent about how we collect and use your data we have drafted the following privacy policy. The Trustroots Foundation uses this privacy policy to operate accordingly to our vision, mission and by laws.</p> 1) Who we are
 <p>We believe that you are the owners of your data, however, under European law Trustroots is the “Data Controller” because we store your data and determine how it is used.</p> <p>We are a network of developers and activists spread across the world, but our registered address is:</p> <code>Trustroots Foundation Carpenter Court 1 Maple Road Bramhall Stockport CHESHIRE SK72DH United Kingdom </code> <p>You can also contact us.</p> Our server <p>Our server, which stores your data, is securely hosted at&nbsp;DigitalOcean in the Netherlands&nbsp;and backed up hourly to&nbsp;AWS.</p> <p>We may also make use of other servers in other countries. We strive to update this document in a timely manner accordingly.</p> 2) What Data is Collected?

Trustroots collects the following data: <p>The personal information you enter when you create your profile. including name, address, contact information, phone number, location, <code>&lt;fill up with the rest&gt;</code> </p> <p>We collect information about the connections you make on, such as who you message. As more features are added to the site this type of data collection will increase. Usage data (<code>&lt;explain a little more about what this is here if possible – it’s mentioned in the existing privacy policy&gt;</code>)</p> 3) How is your data used
 <p>All the data that Trustroots collects is necessary for operating and populating the network and is used for this purpose.</p> <p>We will also use your contact information to contact you, but only for things about Trustroots, for example, to tell you that you have a new message on Trustroots. We will not use it for any other purposes or share it with others for any other purposes. 
We use your location information to show approximately where you are in the world and we show this on the Trustroots map.</p> <p>Usage data is used to monitor site and server performance and generate usage statistics.</p> 4) Third parties and the data we share with them Law enforcement <p>Though we hope we never have to, we will share you data with law enforcement in response to a lawful request for data or court order.</p> Google analytics and user statistics <p>Trustroots uses&nbsp;Google Analytics&nbsp;and&nbsp;Piwik&nbsp;hosted by&nbsp;IndieHosters&nbsp;to collect usage statistics. We use&nbsp;New Relic&nbsp;to monitor site and server performance. No personal user data is sent or stored at these services.</p> Trustroots API <p>We will have API functionality that will allow third parties to build functionality on top of the Trustroots network. If you want to use such 3rd party applications you will be specifically asked for permission by Trustroots to such a 3rd party application. No information will be shared without your explicit consent.</p> <p> <strong>Opting out from third party data use:</strong> </p> <p>To opt out from Piwik, scroll to the bottom of this page.&nbsp;

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking, you could install Google’s official&nbsp;opt out extension. To opt-out of all tracking (including Google Analytics and Piwik) you can install&nbsp;Ghostery,&nbsp;Noscript&nbsp;or Disconnect. These browser extensions will disable all known JavaScript trackers and ensure that your browser does not send a request to external tracking servers.&nbsp;

If you wish to stay completely anonymous online, please check this guide by Piwik:&nbsp;How to remain anonymous online? (PDF).</p> Email <p>We route all our site operation emails, such as those you receive when you get a message on Trustroots, using Mandrill. Read their privacy policy. 
If you subscribe to our newsletters, your email will be stored at&nbsp;MailChimp&nbsp;who we use them to send newsletters, read their privacy policy.</p> <p>MailChimp and Mandrill are the same company. The key bit of their privacy policy, in relation to your data, is that they state that they don’t, under any circumstances, sell [Trustroots] lists (of your email addresses), market to people on [Trustroots] lists, or share [Trustroots] lists with any other party (unless it’s required by law).</p> Social networks <p>Some of the features at the site use other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, GitHub or Gravatar. You don’t have to connect your profile to these social networks and we don’t share any data you provide to us with them. If you choose to connect with social networks we take information from those social networks and then display it on your Trustroots profile. Some of the data from these sites is then stored at our server in order to facilitate this.&nbsp;

Some of our users want to use these networks and they have a right to do so. Others prefer to steer away from these networks and we’ll also accommodate these users.</p> 5) Checking, amending or deleting your data <p>You are able to download your profile data to check for inaccuracies or information you may not want us to have.

If you want to amend data on your profile you can do so using ordinary site functions. If you want you profile to be removed entirely you can contact us and we will erase all the data.</p> Edit this page on GitHub This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .

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