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Username Password Remember me <strong>Sign in with the following networks</strong> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> or create a new account </li> <li>Register</li> <li> Sign in with: <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> <i> </i> </li> </ul> Neoseeker : Privacy Policy <strong>neowiki.neo</strong> - Privacy Policy history edit Privacy Policy <p> <b>Neoseeker Privacy Policy</b> </p> <p>Neoseeker and its Operators, Neo Era Media, Inc. understand and respect the need for the privacy of its users. To keep you informed of our privacy policies, we have provided this document disclosing Neo Era Media's intent, purpose and use of possibly private information, and detailing the methods of gathering of such information. </p> <p> <b>Third Party Ads and Analytics</b> </p> <p>Neoseeker works with a third party (NetShelter) that serves ads to the site. To find out more about how <b>NetShelter</b> manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads on our site please follow this link to go to <b>NetShelter's Privacy Policy</b> section of our privacy page. </p> <p>Neoseeker uses Google Analytics in order to learn more about how the site is used and to improve our content, and we use Google Ads to serve the remainder of the ads on the site. For more information about Google's use of information, please see their disclosure here. </p> <p>You can control Ad Personalisation by Google Ads and Google products by visiting the Google Ad Settings page. </p> <p>Certain information such as your browser, and your IP address may be sent to Google Analytics but this information is always anonymized so that we don’t know which specific visitors are associated with what browser and we do not have access to any IP information in Google Analytics. Analytics may use several cookies including cookies stored for very long periods in order to determine if you have visited the site before, but Analytics never associates any identifiable information with your visit. So we may know many people visit a particular page, but we won’t know specifically who read it. </p> <p>To opt out of being counted in Google Analytics, you can install a browser add on made by Google. </p> <p>Neoseeker may also use other third-party advertising companies to serve ads. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please see this opt out page. </p> <p>Any of these Third Party services may make use of technologies like Cookies or web beacons to help personalize ads and prevent you from seeing the same ads over and over again. They may also collect information about your visit including your IP address, browser type, and time of visit. Please see the above links for the use of information by the major third party advertising networks. </p> <p> <b>Cookies</b> </p> <p>Certain operations and features on Neoseeker may require the use of cookies and/or the propagation of session information. These cookies and sessions facilitate the visitor's experience at Neoseeker, but do not represent any other security or privacy concern outside of isolated, per visit session identification and/or recurring sessions for the purpose of storing and maintaining user submitted site preferences. Neoseeker does not intentionally use these cookies to "track" users and will not provide any individually identifying information from cookies originating at to any third party, even advertisers and sponsors. Because these cookies do not contain personal information, are used only for critical or non-trivial operations, and can not be replaced with reasonable alternatives, we send these cookies under Legitimate Interest basis and do not request consent from EU users for these 1st party cookies. </p> <p> <b>About Information We Collect</b> </p> <p>Neoseeker does not collect involuntary personal information except for whatever pseudo-personal information is always disclosed by browsers, servers, and internet traffic as part of the normal operation of web requests between users and servers. Some of that information automatically disclosed is explained under the heading "Log Files" and "Cookies". </p> <p>Neoseeker does not collect private information such as emails, names, and addresses from its users without their knowledge. Users who come to Neoseeker are not required to disclose personal information in order to read our content. However, some services such as forums, comments, and user content may require registration in order to be used. Further, Neoseeker encourages users to provide cursory private and/or personal information to build the community aspect of the site, and to obtain basic group demographics data for statistical analysis. Some of the information submitted to your account is displayed to the public in your user profile, but almost all of it can be controlled in your profile settings. You can remove this information or hide it at any time. Your location and country flag can be optionally displayed in your forum posts. You can remove this at any time. </p> <p>For safety, anti-spam, and security purposes, Neoseeker stores additional information when users submit content such as forum posts, comments, cheats, codes, walkthroughs, or other text to our site. This information may include your IP address, your ISP, the browser you used to submit this information, and the time and page where this was submitted. Because this information is critical to our safety and network security systems, including protecting users from unauthorized tampering and access of their accounts, we collect this information under Legitimate Interest basis and do not request consent from EU users for this collection. This information is not available publicly, available only to Administrators, and only a portion can be be accessed by our site wide moderators. </p> <p> <b>Log Files</b> </p> <p>As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information in the log files include your IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider, such as AOL or Shaw Cable), the browser you used to visit our site (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), the time you visited our site and which pages you visited throughout our site. Site visitors do not have access to this information. </p> <p>Neoseeker does NOT sell, lease or rent to third parties, any private information linkable to a particular user and gathered through the registration process, without express consent from its users as indicated through information forms that users voluntarily fill out. </p> <p> <b>Contests and Giveaways</b> </p> <p>From time to time, Neoseeker will offer incentives to users in the form of contests, prizes, and giveaways, and request that users fill out surveys or questionnaires to qualify for participation in these special promotions. Unless explicitly indicated, information from these surveys, and questionnaires are used in group demographics studies and for better audience targeting - no direct relationship between demographic data and individual users is ever available to third parties including to the sponsors of these contests. </p> <p>Neoseeker will take reasonable precautionary measures including appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to protect and safeguard all information gathered from its users. Neoseeker does not, however, take any responsibility for any breach of security, accidental disclosure, theft, or tampering of its users' information. </p> <p> <br> <b>Privacy for Children - As per COPA</b> </p> <p>Although Neoseeker is generally targeted to an adult audience, we welcome the visitation and participation of young users, with their parents' consent. It is strongly recommended that users under the age of 13 refrain from disclosing any personal and/or private information either through the user registration system, or through participation in questionnaires and surveys, and instead opt to remain anonymous in their participation of site activities. </p> <p>Please note that as of April 21st, 2000, the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 prohibits Neoseeker from the collection of private information from users under the age of 13 without parental consent. Users under the age of 13 must provide a signed letter from their parents to indicate that they are aware of their child's activities on Neoseeker and consent to these activities. This letter must be mailed or faxed to Neo Era Media, Inc using the contact information below, before they can participate in activities requesting the disclosure of private information. </p> <p> <br> Parents of our younger users may at any time, revoke their consent, and may request to review and edit the private information disclosed by sending a written request to Neo Era Media,Inc. via fax or mail. </p> <p>Though Neoseeker will take reasonable measures to ensure that users under the age of 13 do not disclose their private information without first obtaining parental consent, the site cannot guarantee the protection of young users who choose not to disclose their age and who do not follow the requirements set forth by COPA. </p> <p> <br> <b>Privacy Contact Info:</b> </p> <p> <b>Neo Era Media, Inc.</b> <br> PO Box 27531<br> Oakridge<br> Vancouver, BC<br> V5Z 4M4 </p> <ul> <li>Terms of Use</li> <li>Privacy Policy</li> <li> <i> </i> Contact Us</li> <li>Advertise</li> <li>© 2020 Neo Era Media Inc.</li> </ul> <ul> <li> <i> </i> </li> <li> <i> </i> </li> <li> <i> </i> </li> </ul> <ul> <li> <i> </i> <strong>Walkthroughs:</strong> </li> <li>Chicken Police</li> <li>Assassin's Creed Valhalla</li> <li>Spider-Man: Miles Morales</li> <li>The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope</li> <li>Ghostrunner</li> <li>Amnesia: Rebirth</li> <li>Baldur's Gate 3</li> <li>Genshin Impact</li> <li>Medieval Dynasty</li> </ul> (0.0649/d/www3)

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