Privacy Policy

On 2019-03-28 17:09:38 UTC, pjrvs wrote:

Your personal information collected from payment forms or mailing list signup forms is never shared, sold or rented to anyone, ever.

Your personal information is only shared between internal systems, like: WordPress, Stripe, Paypal and MailChimp—all of whom have security safeguards in place.

Some data (no personally identifying information) is collected via Fathom Analytics but not shared, rented or sold to anyone else.

If you want the data that’s been collected from our stores, contact paul@mightysmall.co and we’ll give it to you.

If you want to opt out of any communication, click “Unsubscribe” located in every single email.

If you want your data to be deleted from any ecommerce store, contact paul@mightysmall.co and we’ll do that ASAP (although you’ll no longer be able to sign into any courses or software products).

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