This Service does not keep any logs.

This service is committed to not store any log data at all.

Classification: good

Weight: 90

Service Title Rating Status Author
FastestVPN "FastestVPN Does Not Store Any Logs, Period! <p>We do not store your logs in anyway. Any information or logs related to your browsing history - the websites you visit, the content you download or stream, your traffic destinations, or your DNS queries - stays with you and you alone." APPROVED pederdm000 Staff
RethinkDNS "The website does not log any interactions a visiting user has with the website.</li> <li>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
PokeTube "Because this information could be used to link you to your peronsal information, we do not log (store) it at all." APPROVED Ashley
WorldVPN "WorldVPN does not keep or store any logs about its users." APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Bullet VPN " We do not collect any logs of user browsing history, connection history, traffic and data transfer, or DNS queries, nor do we store VPN connection logs of any type." APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
OVPN "Nothing can be connected to an account: </p> <ul> <li>no logging of traffic</li> <li>no logging of timestamps</li> <li>no logging of DNS requests</li> <li>no logging of IP addresses</li> <li>no logging of MAC addresses</li> <li>no logging of individual user bandwidth volumes" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Jami "Both services do not store any logs or personal information and can be deactivated from the application settings if wanted" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Kodi "In the case of logs provided to us in the forums, our servers do not store those logs, and we rely on the users submitting those logs to remove the links when they deem appropriate. " APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff

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