This service still tracks you even if you opted out from tracking

Users can’t fully opt out of tracking technologies used for non essential purposes such as advertising, marketing or analytics. The user may be asked for consent for installing some tracking technologies on the device, and even if all are rejected the service will still track its visitors and ignore the choice.This case doesn’t apply to functional cookies that are necessary to provide the services.

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NBC News "If you opt out of cross-device tracking for advertising purposes, we may still conduct cross-device tracking for other purposes, such as analytics." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Huawei "Huawei and some third parties may use other local storage technologies, for example, local shared objects (also called "Flash cookies") and HTML5 local storage, in certain products and services. Similar to cookies, these technologies store information on your device and can record some information about your activities and preferences. However, these technologies may use different media from cookies. Therefore, you may not be able to control them using standard browser tools and settings." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Fox News "And after opting out of the "Sale" of your personal information as described above, you may still see interest-based ads. Because interest-based advertising relies on cookies and other similar technologies, opting out needs to be controlled at the device and/or browser level. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Shopify "<p>Shopify limits customer tracking by downgrading its own non-essential cookies, outlined in our Cookie Policy, to session cookies." APPROVED private prawn Curator
Discovery " A flash cookie is a data file placed on a computer via the Adobe Flash plug-in that may be built-in to or downloaded by you to your computer.&nbsp. These cookies may not be deleted when your cookies are deleted or disabled through standard browser settings." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Android Terms of service super hard to read DECLINED Harvsmitt
Meredith "Please be aware that certain browsers cannot block or delete so-called Flash cookies, which use a feature of the Adobe Flash video player to store information on your computer. For information about how to delete Flash cookies, please visit the Adobe website. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
webmail You cannot opt out from tracking APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Consumer News & Business Channel "Please be aware that disabling cookies will not disable other analytics tools we may use to collect information about you or your use of our Services. <p> </p> <b> Analytics Provider Opt-Outs:</b> To disable analytics Cookies you can use the browser controls discussed above or, for some of our providers, you can use their individual opt-out mechanisms: <p> </p> <b> Google’s Privacy Policy </b> and <b> Google Analytics Opt-Out </b> <br> <b> Omniture’s Privacy Policy </b> and <b> Omniture’s Opt-Out </b> <br> <b> Mixpanel’s Privacy Policy </b> and <b> Mixpanel’s Opt-Out </b> <p> </p> The above are examples of our analytics providers and this is not an exhaustive list. We are not responsible for the effectiveness of any other providers’ opt-out mechanisms. <p> </p> <b> Flash Local Storage:</b> These cookies are also known as local shared objects and may be used to store your preferences or display content by us, advertisers and other third-parties. Flash cookies need to be deleted in the storage section of your Flash Player Settings Manager. <p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
APK Pure This service still tracks you even if you opted out from tracking APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Poki " You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes or when our processing of your data is based on legitimate interests. You may request that we stop processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes. This is an absolute right and we cannot refuse this request. Beyond direct marketing, if you wish to exercise this right, you must give specific reasons why you object to our processing of your data, based on your particular situation. Even after receiving such a request, we may continue processing if it is necessary for the exercise/defense of a legal claim or if we can demonstrate a compelling legitimate ground for the processing.</p>" DECLINED JoshAtticus
TubeBuddy "Please keep in mind that your browser settings may not permit you to control Advertisers’ technologies, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of Advertisers. If you would like more information about Advertisers’ practices, please see!/." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Prisma Media "Dans le cadre de votre visite sur nos Sites, vous avez la possibilité d’accéder aux contenus des Sites en acceptant l’utilisation par PRISMA MEDIA des cookies ou autres traceurs, ou en souscrivant à un abonnement payant vous donnant accès aux contenus sans publicité via un compte PRISMA CONNECT.</p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Poki "<p>Please note that deleting, rejecting, disabling or turning off Tracking Technologies through the above options will not remove Flash cookies. For more information about Flash cookies and how to remove them from your computer, please visit Adobe's website.<" APPROVED JoshAtticus
Marmiton "<p>Dans le cas où vous refuseriez l’utilisation de cookies, nous ne percevrons plus de revenus principalement issus de la monétisation d’espaces publicitaires qui financent nos contenus, nos équipes et nos services. C’est la raison pour laquelle l’accès à au Site Web nécessitera alors votre souscription à notre offre payante vous donnant accès au Site Web sans publicité ciblée. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff This service still tracks you even if you opted out from tracking APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Schoology "Various browsers may offer their own management tools for removing HTML5 LSOs. To manage Flash LSOs please click here:&nbsp; " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
SoundCloud "Some of these cookies, although named “advertising cookies” may be usable without your consent, as they are necessary for the safety of your data and our services or they are used for providing certain functions and analysis of the SoundCloud service.</p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Disney+ "<br>FLASH COOKIES:<br> <br>We may use local shared objects, sometimes known as Flash cookies, to store your preferences or display content based upon what you view on our site to personalize your visit. Our advertisers and third-party service providers also may use Flash cookies to collect and store information. Flash cookies are different from browser cookies because of the amount of, type of, and how data is stored. Cookie management tools provided by your browser will not remove Flash cookies." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
PayPal "Technologies that store information in your browser or device utilizing local shared objects or local storage, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other web application software methods. These technologies can operate across all of your browsers, and in some instances may not be fully managed by your browser and may require management directly through your installed applications or device. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Life360 This service still tracks you even if you opted out from tracking APPROVED TorMechia

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