You aren’t allowed to publicly post private messages

The service does not allow users to publicly post private messages they have received from other users.

Classification: good

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
CouchSurfing "(h) contains private or personal information about another person, unless such person has agreed to the disclosure of this information;</p>" APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Pearltrees "That violates the secrecy of private correspondence;" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Однокла́ссники ( Prohibits public posting of private messages APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Opera "If you upload any Content or User Generated Content to Opera’s sites, you warrant that you have the necessary rights and authority to do so, including the necessary consent to upload and distribute any personal information about third persons." APPROVED ELP_JAPIS Curator
Crunchyroll "violates the privacy rights" APPROVED lr19_
HP | Hewlett-Packard "Your User Submission does not contain any information that you consider confidential, proprietary, or personal." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
Musik-Sammler "das öffentliche Posten von privaten Nachrichten.</li> </ul> " APPROVED Michael Curator
Merriam-Webster "UGC including, but not limited to, the following may be deleted or edited by Merriam-Webster:</p> <ul> <li>Abusive or hurtful UGC about a commentor or another participant;</li> <li>Off-topic and redundant UGC (this includes promotion of events, groups, pages, Web sites, organizations and programs not related to or affiliated with Merriam-Webster);</li> <li>UGC that uses foul or hateful language;</li> <li>Personal attacks or defamatory statements or comments;</li> <li>UGC that violate the privacy of our users;</li> " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
DEPRECATED #9 Prioritizes your privacy and security PENDING AndreaOlsson

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