Prohibits political discussions or campaigning

Political content in the form or pictures, discussions, or campaigning isn't allowed.

Classification: neutral

Weight: 30

Service Title Rating Status Author
Uiiverse "Serious" and otherwise off-topic content <p>This may disappoint some people, but there isn't any community speficially for serious discussions here. In fact, there's no communities dedicated to <i>any</i> subject except for the game you're playing.</p> <p>Because we want to keep the Miiverse spirit alive, We've just made the site itself strictly about gaming.</p> <p>Even though the site may be <b>meant</b> for gaming discussion, that doesn't mean that we're completely removing your American rights. Freedom of speech is still a thing here.</p> <p>For example, the New Super Luigi U community isn't just about New Super Luigi U. People can talk about anything they want there, except for what Closedverse users deem as "serious" posts.</p> <p>That means that you can't start political debates, talk about your depression, or defame other users for your own benefit.</p> <p>Additionally, if you have suicidal tendencies, seek professional help or speak to your loved ones about it. Don't just keep it a secret or tell strangers on the internet.</p>" draft (deactivated)
Musik-Sammler "politische Diskussionen im Forum (auch nicht im Offtopic-Bereich).</li> <li>" approved Michael Curator
e621/e926 "p> <strong>Major Religions, Religious Figures, Political Parties, or Political Figures</strong> <br> <em>Suggested Suspension Length: 3 days</em> <br>This category includes:</p> <ul> <li>Any discussion in forum posts, threads, or comments regarding major religions or religious figures</li> <li>Any discussion in forum posts, threads, or comments regarding major political parties or political figures</li> </ul> <p> <em>The main point behind this is, while we do encourage free speech and we have no problem with someone saying “thank God” or “Jesus blesses you”, we have to draw the line at an actual discussion, as it often leads to passionate and heated debate and a general distraction from what is ultimately a furry art archive. The same goes for politics, we know that people want to talk about it, and often do, but there are places for that and they are not here.</em> </p" approved TermsOfKC
Amazon "political campaigning," approved Peepo ToS;DR
VK "No outside commercial or political advertising is permitted in the Community, including in the Community description, profile photo, albums, published content, pinned wall posts, discussions, polls, cover image, messages, Community stories, etc. " approved Agnes de Lion Curator

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